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Useful Software

In this page you can find a list of software that i think are useful to make art with the computer.
Most of these software are also the ones that i use often for my creations!
(Note: some of these software are free/open source, others are paid for)

Studio one

Studio one is a software for music. It is a sequencer, or better it is a DAW (digital audio workstation software). You can find it in more versione from free to paid. It is a very powerfull software for music, i think one of the best for a lot of motivation (technology, user-friendly, speed and a lot of other)
I use it a lot for my music for recording, arrange, mixing and mastering too.

It is realized from e famouse music brand: Presonus.
At this LINK you can find the software.


Musescore is a notation software. It is  opensource (free) and very useful for write the score. It is not powerfull as Finale or Sibelius, but it have enough functions and also good for realizing standard score for music, text a right impagination for good print/pdf.

At this LINK you can find the software.


Krita is a painting software and it is opensource (free) , his quality is very high.
I use Krita for draw and paint my graphic arts and i think it have a lot of option for to be to high level similar other paid software more famouse.

At this LINK you can find the software.

Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve is an video editor software. It have two versions, one free and another paid. 
The incredible of this software is that also the free versione have the 95% of the option and power of the paid version.
I think it is the best editor video free.
Davinci Resolve is a software of Blackmagic Design

At this LINK you can find the software.


Blender it is a 3D graphic software. It is very very power and it is the best of the 3D software opensouce.
In realy i think that Blender from the 2.8 version have reached a level of high quality as other famouse paide 3d software.

At this LINK you can find the software.


iClone it is a 3D animation software. it is a paid software but you can try a trial version.
The speciality of this software is the 3D animation. With iClone it is possibile create 3D animation at the less time that if used other kind of 3D software. It is perfect for a high end 3d animation.
iClone is a software of Reallusion

At this LINK you can find the software.


OBS it is a streaming and recording video software. It is opensource (free) and also very special for who need to streaming or recording video with multiscreen in layer.
It is very powerful and also enough simple to use. It is perfect also for who need to record video for youtube.

At this LINK you can find the software.

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