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Who doesn’t know Mr. Spock? Probably one of the most famous science fiction characters to date. Since I’ve always liked the Star Trek television series and I’ve always found the character of Spock very interesting, I wanted to make a small homage to Star Trek and specifically to Mr. Spock with this drawing of mine with digital painting techniques.

Here down you can look some steps of my drawing

First Step

For first step i draw a simple contour of the face

coloring cheeks

First I started coloring and fading the cheeks

Chin and mouth

I continue coloring chin and then mouth


Now it's time for the nose

Eyes and eyebrows

Now is the time to paint eyes and eyebrows

Forehead and ears

at which point I switched to coloring the forehead and ear


As is normal hair is often very difficult to paint in photorealism, although in the case of Spock, with his simple hair little shaded was "easier" than usual

The last

here I am at the end passed the neck, which was actually more difficult than expected for the strong shadow that to be realistic needs much attention in the nuance.


I hope you enjoyed following some of the stages of the drawing!

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