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This is the first photo-realistic style drawing I’ve uploaded to the site.
Since some time ago I saw a television series that I really liked: Davinci Demons, in which we talk about the life of Leonardo da Vinci, I thought of drawing in realistic photo form the real photo of one of the characters: Riario, let’s say the “bad guy” of the story, even if in my opinion he is a false bad guy, but apart from that here are several images with the stages of the drawing, I hope you will like my work.

Here down you can look some steps of my drawing

First Step

In this first step i started to draw a simple contour of the face

Edge improvement

In this phase i have improved the contours to get a more precise idea of the shadow zones on the face

Hair and hairs

Here i designed some more details for the hairs on the face and i sketched the hair with the various points of light

Start coloring

After I drew the outlines, i started coloring. Usually i start from one of the two cheeks because i think it is one of the parts of the face more difficult to fade out

Right cheek

At this point i switched to coloring the right cheek and improving the beard

Mouth and ears

Here I colored the mouth and ears too

Eyebrows and nose

At this point I continue with the eyebrows and the coloring of the nose (the nose is another difficult point to give the right)


Finally, the eyes. For the coloring of the eyes must pay close attention to the points of light, to make them realistic, otherwise they may seem like lifeless


At this point I switched to my hair. The hair must be colored with a different technique than the skin

The end

Finally, I perfected some parts of the image and added a background.


I hope you enjoyed following some of the stages of the drawing!

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