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HighTechArt is a specific method that I use to make art.
Its particular characteristic concerns the operating method to realize every type of creation.
The concept itself is very simple: Every artistic product made with digital equipment, dedicated software and at least 70% of data in digital, can be defined as part of HighTechArt.
As the same word indicates: “Art realized through technological systems”.

Do not be confused thinking that this methodology involves the use of AI systems (artificial intelligence), as all this does not affect the HighTechArt.

HighTechArt is a method in which technology is to support of creativity and operational of the artist with as little as possible of automatisms related to computer intelligence systems.

Some examples of artistic products made with the HighTechArt method can be:

Music: Song that was used to be made, computer, DAW (Digital audio workstation), Virtual instruments and / or electronic keyboards.
(It cannot be considered part of HighTechArt, when most of the recorded tracks come directly from acoustic instruments, such as bass, acoustic drums, guitar, etc.).
Be careful now not to get confused, because in case the tracks of bass, acoustic drums, guitar are recorded through VST (and not directly from real instruments), in this case we are faced with a product of HighTechArt.

Drawing: Let’s imagine to draw the face of a person, then coloring it in all its parts using only a computer graphics tablet, the result is HighTechArt.
If, on the other hand, the face was first drawn on paper, then scanned and then processed on the computer, the result is not HighTechArt.

Sculpture: If we want to make a sculpture, but instead of using marble, we use digital sculpting systems (there are dedicated software for this), and then we print our sculpture with a 3D printer, the result is a product of HighTechArt.

After these examples I think it’s easy now to understand when a product is in HighTechArt.

To conclude I want to point out that HighTechArt is a way to make art, this does not mean that it is neither better nor worse than the non-digital artistic realization, it is just a different method to create artistic products.

Welcome to the world of HighTechArt.

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