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Han Solo

New photo-realistic style drawing. Another famous character from famous movies, Star Wars and specifically Han Solo. Surely he haven’t need introduction, but for the few who do not know who is the actor who played it: Harrison Ford. I chose this photo to redraw by hand because I think it’s one of Han Solo’s most interesting.

Here down you can look some steps of my drawing


As always, I start by drawing in main contours of the face. Since the background of the original photo was of a precise color I decided to put the background of a similar color, to maintain the same contrasts between background and face


This time I wanted to start from the only ear in the picture, also because I noticed that for colors and shadows was more difficult than usual to reproduce with the tablet


But here I am as a second step to paint Han's cheek


And here I am, painting the nose. In this case perhaps it was less difficult than usual thanks to the point of light and well defined shadows

Eyes and eyebrows

the moment to color the only eye and eyebrow illuminated by light

Mouth and chin

At this point I passed to the mouth and chin. In this case the nuances and some imperfections of the skin of the chin area I had to redraw in detail, otherwise the photorealistic effect was not good

Left shadows

Now the painting of the dark side of the face (the unlit part). It is certainly the "easiest" part to paint


The shades of the forehead were very varied so it was quite difficult to color them correctly


In this phase I realized the first half of the hair (the most illuminated part)

The end

In the final part I colored the shaded side of the hair and finished the drawing. Hair was the hardest part to draw


I hope you enjoyed following some of the stages of the drawing!

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