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Blumy & Gremy - Il prezzo impazzito

Blumy & Gremy – Il prezzo impazzito (Blumy & Gremy the crazy price), is the first comic strip, in italian language, of the “adventures” of two nice “worms” who confront the world of humans and try to understand the various dynamics of these strange (for them) humans.

Blumy:  Gremy… I feel depressed today…
Gremy: Why’s that?
Blumy: I was reading a book about depression…bought in the 80’s…
Gremy: ?

Blumy: Look at that! 9500 lire!
Gremy: ???
Blumy: And today online…. 25 euro….
Gremy: UH!​

Blumy: …….
Gremy: (thinking) 9500/1936,27 = 4,95 euro – ?? 25 euro <—> 4,95 euro ??
Blumy: (angry)
Gremy: Blumy today costs 5.05 times more…​

Blumy & Gremy: Something’s wrong!!!

Note: The Lira was the Italian currency before the birth of the euro

I hope you enjoyed following this short story of Blumy & Gremy!

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