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Welcome to my website.

If you are entered in this page maybe you will want to know better who I am!
I’m an art and technology lover and since I was a child I’ve realized that I’m very attracted by creativity, in all its forms, and in particular in the music and drawing.
On the musical side I have always had a passion for composition and this led me to start studying music and for many years I have been engaged in the study of the electronic organ and related instruments such as electronic keyboards, synths and later also piano.

My aim was to understand how you could create music, learn the techniques and methodologies to compose, thanks to which I could compose not a few pieces of music. I also specialized in arranging and sound processing techniques and given my “second” passion for technologies, especially in the technologies and informatic, and so I also started to experiment with other types of electronic music equipment.

As I said before, however, I’m also passionate about graphics, and as luck would have it, I made a combination with the computer part that there is in me, addressing myself so mainly to the world of digital graphics, learning over the years to use many drawing software both 2D and 3D and video.

Today I can say that the study and experimentation in these various forms of art has allowed me to express myself in the way that I feel most appropriate for me, coming to realize artistic projects where music and images in every form are almost always linked together in a journey of sounds, colors, shapes, animations and imagination!

Following me and my site, with links to various social networks, you can discover what I have told you on this page and learn more about my artistic projects. I hope you will like my art and i hope also that it will give you something beautiful for your life.

What else to say?
Maybe I could say that I live in Italy, my real name is Stefano (Siesar Nick is my artistic name), and I’m happy if you’ll be able to read up to these words, because maybe you liked something you’ve heard or seen on my site.
Thanks you

Siesar Nick

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